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About Us

Captivate Perspectives is a minority-owned firm working to support government, non-profit, community groups and business and industry to meet and exceed their measurable goals. Captivate Perspectives provides high quality talents and services to support organizations in achieving maximum and positive results. We bring deep functional expertise in the capacity of advising, program implementation, turnaround, or transformation. Captivate captures value across boundaries to achieve measurable gains for organizations. 

Dr. Tony D. Johnson serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for the firm. He brings over 20 years of experience in education, nonprofit, government and business experience to lead Captivate Perspectives. Dr. Johnson holds a Doctor of Education degree from Florida State University and is committed to improving the lives of everyone through supportive services, collaboration and teamwork. 

Our talented team members are eager to partner with you to to develop strategies, implement programs, services and projects that will make a meaningful and outcomes-based difference. 

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