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Innovation and Strategy

Captivate supports organizations in operational effectiveness and efficiency. We assist in program and project implementation by realizing a return on investment (ROI) with delivery speed, nimbleness and agility and productivity. Captivate can assist with strategy planning and the professional development of human capital.

Agility, Growth and Performance

Captivate assists in solving complex problems and sparks innovation within your cross-functional teams. Our team supports you in achieving sustainable, value-added growth by focusing on the crucial elements of success: an outside-in approach focusing on the “end in mind”, a well crafted plan that is keenly developed, appropriated resourced, and implemented with fidelity.

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Captivate delivers actionable solutions to organizational goals and initiatives. This important work spans across people, technology, data, and resources. Our consultants provide organizations with strategic leadership and transformative insights that distinctly support project outcomes. Together, we will work with you to deliver thoughtful, analytic, practical guidance and recommendations.

Educational Leadership, Strategy and Innovation

The education continuum starts at pre-school and spans the continuum to college and/or workforce training. We understand that education leaders have bold visions, goals and initiatives for education. We can work alongside of you in achieving measurable outcomes. This work includes education program turnaround, the implementation of education initiatives, education and training implementation, and several other education and training centered value-added supports. Once we understand your needs, we will build a strategic path forward by creating scalable, long-term, practical strategies that align with your initiatives and project scope.

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Workforce Development and
Human Performance

Captivate provides workforce development training that is insightful, inspiring and interactive. We focus on the requisite skills needed for individuals to be successful in the workplace. Additionally, our workforce development and human capital performance will prepare individuals for jobs that are high wage, high demand, and high skilled. We prepare youth and adults with the knowledge and skills that are utilized across career fields. Training provides added value for individuals because they are high impact and results based.

Operational Excellence

Captivate boosts quality, and helps support and develop a motivated and productive workforce, streamlined processes, improved workflows, cost savings, and a solid path towards innovation to guide your organization into the technologically-connected future.

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