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How It Works

Initial Engagement and Clarifying Objectives

An Innovative Solution

Captivate consultants work with you to discuss expected deliverables, project implementation, initiative implementation, increased productivity, enhanced public image, or improved employee performance. We will discuss the specific project and proposal design. Last, Captivate consultants will identify possible barriers, constraints or problems that might be encountered in the future

Analysis and Proposal Submission

Charting the Path

Captivate consultants collect data such as interviews or questionnaires, observation, or analysis of existing documents or records. Captivate consultants provide feedback to the client. Findings are presented to the client, and recommendations are offered. Or, a proposal is submitted for review to the client for review and determination of next steps.

Project or Program Implementation

Fulfilling the goals

Captivate consultants implement the approved project or program. We will work with you on milestones and check in points throughout the project.

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